Dall’International Fundraising Congress mi sono portata a casa una serie di chicche ad uso e consumo del fundraiser. Alcune firmate, altre anonime. Alcune sagge, altre operative. Tutte, comunque, molto stimolanti. Le ho rintracciate su Twitter e raccolte con scrupolo. Eccole qui.

  1. iStock_000016619135XSmallDon’t just give people a reason to give, give them a reason to give now!
  2. Talking about stories don’t use the obvious, challenge yourself to bring passion to life with alternative words (Tony Elischer, @tonyelischer).
  3. Be clear about what you are looking for (Damian Chapman, @damianchapmanuk).
  4. Inspiration is the fundraiser’s fuel. How much time do you dedicate to it? (Marcelo Iniarra, @marceloiniarra).
  5. Fundraisers need to find opportunities to do good. Fatigue doesn’t exist (Derek Humphries, @derekhumphries).
  6. We need to be proud to communicate the shocking, distressing imperfections of the world (Derek Humphries, @derekhumphries).
  7. Social media is about friends and connecting – so we shouldn’t talk in a brand voice. We should be people (Lisa Clavering, @LisaClavering).
  8. Test. Don’t Assume!!
  9. Post outside of working hours on social media, your audience will most likely be at work when you are. Test nighttime and weekends.
  10. The job of the fundraiser is to engage people.
  11. Crowdfunding rules: 1) pick a well-defined goal and deadline; 2) share and be creative in your fundraising messages; 3) images are powerful; 4) videos even more so!
  12. Try and imagine you have an 8 year old writing your case for support, rather than a policy director (Derek Humphries, @derekhumphries).
  13. If you charity is called Save The Whales, every once in a while you need to save a whale.
  14. There are isolated examples of brilliance everywhere but very few examples of total integration anywhere (Stephen Pidgeon, @StephenPidge).
  15. Why you need powerful volunteers: connections, scale, credibility, insights (into target group) and fresh ideas.
  16. Fears that we are creating fundraising that allows no room for the donor.
  17. In a good interaction both the donor and the cause are changed.
  18. I want donors to get their hands dirty.
  19. Emotional leadership: because your mood changes other people’s mood (Alan Clayton).
  20. We should not talk about our need for funds, but about impact and change.
  21. Make #volunteers the heroes of your organization!
  22. Corporate communications are the exact opposite to donor communications.
  23. When is the best time to ask for a second gift? As soon as possible after the 1st. It’s counterintuitive (Alan Clayton).
  24. Multi-channel is the most effective “channel” for fundraising (Stephen Pidgeon, @StephenPidge).
  25. At the top of the pyramid of competencies for CEOs: instinct (Gavin Coopey).
  26. Four factors to achieve happiness at work: Trust, Positive relationships, Progress and Meaning (Daniel González, ‏@daniglez).
  27. The key word for your communication is you! (Stephen Pidgeon, @StephenPidge).
  28. The more you think, the less you feel and the less you feel, the less likely you are to do anything (Dan Hill).
  29. Whatever you talk about, fundraisers always end up discussing administrative costs… (Christian Gahrmann ‏@ChrisGahrmann).
  30. The four I’s of fundraising: imagination, insights, integration, insanity (Tony Elischer, @tonyelischer).
  31. Key take home fundraising message: be brave and innovate and never tire of doing so (Roly Owers, ‏@rolyowers)
  32. Fundraising for social agenda is the right thing to do. Not the easiest but the right thing (Sibongile Mkhabela, Nelson Mandela Foundation).
  33. Innovation, innovation, innovation. Young people born into technology hold keys.
  34. Trust is the most precious commodity (Tony Elischer, @tonyelischer).
  35. No time, no money and very little praise… The wonderful life of a fundraiser (Tony Elischer, @tonyelischer)..
  36. Surprise! The emerging markets have emerged! (Tony Elischer, @tonyelischer).
  37. One does not do fundraising, one is a fundraiser (EZ, Thank you Total Fundraising, ‏@TotalFR, for the mention!)

In quale delle 37 ti riconosci di più? Hai un motto o un mantra che ti piace in modo particolare? Ispiraci qui!


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